Design your own unique aroma blend by pairing two fragrances together to create a luxury layered scent in your home.


The Aromatherapy Co.

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Product concept + branding

Packaging + vessel design & production



Marketing materials & printed collateral

Social media marketing launch campaign


The Dieline

World Brand Design Society

Packaging of the World

Design Assembly






The Dieline Awards 2020 – 2nd Home

World Brand Design Society 2020 Bronze



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Blend invites customers to co-design the fragrance to suit their mood or personal preference.


Fragrances are very complex with sometimes ten or more different notes combined to create the overall aroma.
The concept behind Blend is to simplify each aroma and allow the customer to blend their choice together in a simple and safe way.


Visually most traditional candles are round because this allows the wax to pool evenly on top so the concept of two semi-circle candle vessels coming together was the perfect solution. When lit simultaneously, the two distinct fragrance notes blend together to fill the room with your chosen combination.


The narrative of divided shapes pairing together to create a whole is echoed in the semi-hexagonal packaging. With a warm complimentary colour palette the blends are represented through tonal gradients with recipe cards on the inside closure panels to inspire harmonic combinations. 


The liquid-less aroma diffuser sticks require no liquid to fragrance your room. Simply pair the chosen aroma blend in the ceramic holder and fragrant the room. 


The cylindrical card packaging is an eco-friendly solution while also convenient to store additional aroma sticks prolonging the fragrance when not in use. This luxury packaging stands out on retail shelves and elevates the customers unboxing experience. Expertly selected recipe blends can be found on the ceramic holder box to encourage the blend notion.


The circular ceramic holder compliments the paired candle silhouette and with a central front opening the fragrance is dispersed evenly around the room.