During my time at Cengage Learning I working closely with Apple to produce one of the very first interactive secondary school textbooks launched on iBook.


Cengage Learning / Apple

My Role


Art Direction

Plan, Design and Develop all Interactive Elements



More Info

iBooks textbooks on iPad offer students a full-screen experience with interactive diagrams, photos, videos, interactive captions, rotating 3D objects, quizzes, chapter reviews and the ability to highlighting text, take notes and search for content.


I worked closely with Apple to learn their brand new software, iBooks Author, to create the first example of an interactive History book to co-inside with the launch of the new iBooks textbook online.


After working for many years designing traditional print books in InDesign, I not only had to get my head around a new software and its initial limitations, but also decipher which elements would be interactive and plan how far we could push these new features to get the ultimate learning experience for students.