2015 -


Working with The Forest School since it was founded in 2015 on all print, web and social media marketing collateral.

My Role

Graphic Design – Infographics

Website Design + Build

Marketing collateral


Social Media Manager


More Info

The Forest School is a much needed primary school to help empower children and let them rediscover play-based learning. Visually their philosophies and mission needed to be communicated strongly to appealing to modern parents looking to embrace the future of education.


Design work includes website (design + build), all print materials, signage, business & marketing collateral.


In November 2020 I took over the social media and marketing re-focusing and redirecting the visual storytelling, educating parents. This dramatically transformed the account overnight.


Previously generating 10-30 likes per post and a reach of 500, I pitched a new strategy for content, researched, wrote copy and designed. The first post generated 593 likes and a reach of 20,000 eyes. I once again adjusted the content, learning from the data into a new targeted post generating 1867 likes and being seen by over 50,000 eyes.


50% growth in Instagram following over 3 months with no paid advertising.

9000% growth in reach within first month.

6000% growth in likes within first month.